Shellbel (shellbel) wrote,

Oh how I wish I was still in London!!

NO, not London England (Fendra!). I went to London yesterday afternoon (sper of the moment!) to see my sister, look at Fanshawe College, and to see my Ryan!!! Well when I got there Cheryl wasn't doing too well, so I took her out to dinner (with mom's visa, of course). We went to East Sides (not my favorite place, but she wanted to go there!)... so we ate and then we left... we were in the car when all of a suden, "Ummm Cheryl?!? did you bring the left overs? Cuz I didn't grab them!... SHIT!" we had to go back to East Sides and then it took them 5 minutes to track down our food! Then we went apartment shopping for Cheryl (for) next year, meaning we drove around saw apartments and then wrote down their number!!
When we got back to Cheryls, I foned Ryan... went to his house, had a GREAT time! Oh man, I feel SO safe when I'm with him! It's weird ya know?! I haven't felt this way in a while, not even with Dave. Ryan's something special, he means a lot to me. Of course he has too! he's been my best guy friend for about 9/10 years!! this is our second attempt of going out though. It didn't last for long last time due to distance, but I'm sure hoping it will work this time, I want it to work! Really, I Do!! and DAMN he's good looking too, I lucked out girls! But YEAH... he's so nice to me, he says the right things (when he actually talks that is!) AND he's good kisser, and I mean GOOD!!
Anyways, in the morning, at Cheryls, I helped her bake and then we went to look at Fanshawe (where I wanna go next year!) and it's a GREAT school (and the boys are good lookin there too!!). So yeah, than I drove back to boring ol' Brampton. and then i went out with the girls!! (minus val.......where were ya!??!?! we called!!!) it was a GREAT two days, I'm happy now!!

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